It might be tempting from time to time to build ones hope on dual-value logic and a so called down to earth and reasonable point of view.

But talking of reasonable. How did it actually happen that this term became a verb. A reason should be the end of discussion, right?

Something infinate and clear that leads into a inevitable next step.

Give me a reason says the cop. No man, lets reason first...

To say thats right- or thats wrong might be the most respectless feedback we could give someone.

Instead of confirming or rejecting our point we want an other person to reflect our point of view from a particulary different angle that we couldn´t have thought of..

A drawing doesn´t need to take an unequicocal stand. It´s content is free to oscillate. There is many layers of meaning and maybe all of them are pointless but it takes you somewhere else.

Drawing can bring you closer as well as enable you to step back and find an other ballance.

Drawing plays with values and moral valuations without any need to come up with a final sollution.

Thats why I think visual support can be so helpful in any thinking process.